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tuning in vs tuning out

We all tune out, veg out or try to take a a break from reality sometimes. And that's ok. Reality is hard! But there is an alternative way to take breaks.

Tuning In

Tuning in to what exactly, you are probably thinking. Well...

  • We can tune into our values by doing something that honors them, like helping someone, or nurturing a relationship.

  • We can tune in to our strengths by allowing ourselves time in our week to showcase them and feel good about ourselves.

  • We can tune into our bodies with various kinds of movement.

  • We can tune into our minds with mindfulness (check out the ADHD-friendly way to do that M-word here.)

  • We can tune into our basic human need for connection with real live social interaction, or a phone call, or even by sending a text.

  • We can tune into our souls by doing what uplifts us spiritually, whether that be praying or staring at a gorgeous nature view or anything in between that allows us to connect with the thing that's bigger than us.

Tuning in is like charging your brain.

You know that meme that was going around a while back with a picture of a flat phone battery? It read, "You wouldn't let this happen to your phone. Don't let it happen to you either."

Well, just like plugging it into electricity charges our phones, plugging ourselves into the above activities charges US.

And one final thing.

If you take anything from this mail, it's this message, that women with ADHD so desperately need to hear:

Being productive is not a prerequisite to doing things that are fun and energizing. On the contrary, doing things that are energizing is a good way to increase productivity.

So, what do you like to tune in to? What do you want to tune in to? What do you wish you could tune in to? What are you going to tune in to? Something:

  • social

  • mental

  • emotional

  • spiritual

  • enjoyable or

  • important to you?

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