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Learn to work with your adhd

Finally discover how to get stuff done. Forever.

The jdhd™ program

Go from frazzled and frustrated to calm and in control.

JDHD™ is a 6-month program designed to help you tackle overwhelm, indecision, and distraction. You'll learn to build habits and processes that’ll help you thrive while managing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of your family. 

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Create the life you’ve been dreaming of . . .

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You’ve already tried so hard and for so long.

​You bought that shiny new planner.

You tried to build those healthy habits.

You followed advice from books that didn’t address your Jewish lifestyle.

Here's the game-changer: realizing that you can’t fix your ADHD, but you can learn to work with it.


In JDHD, you’ll learn how to harness your strengths and create a plan that works, so you can figure out your best way to be organized enough


Because it doesn’t have to be perfect.


It just has to work for you.

You are not your adhd!
you have adhd!


You are a whole, worthy, and exceptional person who has ADHD.


And the good news is, you can stop devoting so much time to trying harder, and instead discover:

​ ​

  • what you really want ​​

  • what you're already good at ​​

  • what you really care about ​


and how to use that knowledge to live a good and meaningful life.


Here’s how the jdhd™ program works

This 6-month program has 3 stages of coaching that include:

  • Weekly 1-to-1 coaching sessions via Zoom.

  • A private coaching portal.

  • A tried and tested curriculum and framework for your best success.



In our first two weeks together, we’ll assess, set goals, and create a customized plan for your journey to thriving with ADHD.



Over the course of 5 months, you’ll receive weekly private coaching sessions, and track your progress through a coaching portal that offers you daily communication, inspiration, and support.



With a personal blueprint for continued growth, and a custom toolbox of your most successful strategies, we’ll take 2 weeks to name and celebrate your achievements and set your intentions for the path ahead. 

success stories

Working with Alana totally transformed my life. I knew I wasn't keeping up with my many responsibilities — housekeeping, parenting, meal prep, client work — but I couldn't pinpoint why or what needed to change.

Alana is so compassionate and wise. She helped me zero in on my blocks, and bit by bit, we created solutions; until suddenly I turned around and my home was functioning smoothly!

I highly recommend reaching out to Alana if you are struggling with managing your responsibilities.

Temima G.

F.A.Qs 2024
  • What's included in the program?
    Here's the breakdown again of my 6-month signature program to thriving with ADHD: And here's a "roadmap clip" if you like videos:
  • Can I do this in less than 6 months?
    Lasting change takes time, and I know how frustrating that is to your ADHD brain! But Here's the Truth: It takes more than a couple of weeks to consistently and confidently do things differently! You'll feel hopeful and relieved and excited learnining how to make ADHD work for you. And after about some time, when the novelty wears off and you have to push through a little to get to the point where consistency feels natural, you may feel like giving up on yourself (again!). I want you to know that this is normal. And I will be there to support you through it when your belief in yourself falters. I will stand for your transformation. Because I believe in you, even when your belief falls short. Why 6 months? In my over 7 years of coaching, my most successful clients are the ones who consistently worked with me for around 6 months, because that's how long it takes to truly cement in lasting change. This isn't a random number: it's based on experience and data, and I designed this program to support you in your new habits, for long-term permanent change.
  • What are your fees?
    Fees are $500 / NIS 1800 per month, for 6 months.* The shekel amount includes VAT for Israeli clients. This USD amount is for clients not residing in Israel. *Payment plans available .
  • Can we communicate between sessions?
    Yes - this is an intrinsic part of the program! The most important part of the coaching happens between sessions, when you bring it to your real life. This between-session communication is essential and woven into the program. We can communicate daily if you like - via our coaching portal, or Whatsapp * if you prefer. *Whatsapp office hours - 8am-8pm

Are you ready for some relief, more ease, and a happier life?

Get started with the JDHD™ program, for coaching that truly understands all the things you juggle.

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