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Alana's Story

Hi. I'm Alana Stern - ADHD coach, EFT & NLP practitioner. Ten years ago, with undiagnosed ADHD myself and way too much on my plate, I was heading down a road to serious burnout.  (Read about my late-diagnosis here).

How did I get here? 

After 20 years in education as a teacher and  remedial reading specialist, I ended up frustrated at seeing my smart and creative ADHD students struggle to focus, get organized and reach their true potential.


I originally certified as an ADHD coach to add to my professional toolkit. But, what I learned there significantly improved my own functioning. 

So I went all in and focused on coaching other overstretched neurodivergent men and women to overcome everyday indecision and overwhelm and to get their stuff done!

And now, with almost ten years of ADHD coaching under my belt, I want the same for you.

That’s why I created JDHD™ - my signature coaching program. I looked at the commonalities among my most successful clients. And I made sure to address all the fundamentals of how to consistently get the right stuff done, so that you can live well with ADHD long term.  


Let’s do this, fellow JDHD™er!

Who do I work with?

I coach neurodiverse men and women (age 18+) to overcome everyday indecision and overwhelm, and to get their stuff done!

While I have coached all sorts of ADHDers, I now specialize in coaching JDHD™ers who seek guidance with the executive functioning complexities that adhering to a halachic orJewish lifestyle bring to your life, like:

  • managing the needs of your relatively large family -at least some of who have ADHD themselves!

  • preparing for shabbat and holidays without the weekly 18-minute-panic syndrome.

  • balancing communal or volunteer commitments with what feels like your already-overloaded schedule

  • or reconciling the ideal of an "Eishet Chayil" a "Woman of Valor, with your reality as a woman with ADHD. (PS - read more about that here.)

I see you.

I know what you're going through.

I know what feels like to try to

  • juggle​

  • remember

  • manage

  • and follow through with "all the things"!

I know (although you may not yet know) that you're amazingly tenacious, creative, courageous and sensitive.

But you often feel like there is a gap between your potential and what you’re actually doing. Between your intentions and your actions.

You know what to do, but you have difficulty doing what you know..png

That's exactly where I come in!

Are you ready for some relief, more ease, and a happier life?

Get started with the JDHD™ program, for coaching that truly understands all the things you juggle.

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