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stop confusing "consistent" with "commitment!"

Are you Making This Mistake about Thriving with ADHD?

Let me guess - you struggle with consistency. That's okay. It's normal.

As ADHDers, we're consistently inconsistent!

It's frustrating and discouraging!

As JDHD™ers - people dedicated to living a Jewish life with ADHD - we have a rich an eventful Jewish calendar. We have fluctuating work or study demands. We have bodies with their own hormonal rhythms, sleep rhythms and immune-fighting capabilities.

Throw in a bustling family, and you've got the perfect inconsistent storm!

But what if it's not about earning some long streak of stability?

What if true success is really about how many times you get back on the wagon?

Progress is not always about how long you stay consistent. It can also be about reducing the time it takes to dust yourself off and climb back up.


That's called commitment.

And the good news is that, in order to get better at getting back on, you have to practice falling off!

So next time you "drop" your habit-ball, thank yourself! You're giving yourself resiliency practice!

Meanwhile, be like my favorite cartoon character, and just keep swimming.

Because that's how you achieve your goals with ADHD!

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