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"Na'aseh veNishmah" and ADHD

Are you an experiential learner? A lot of ADHDers learn by doing. I know I do. So don't give me the rules of a game to read. And definitely don't tell me to listen while you explain it to me. I need to play the game to figure it out.

Sometimes this can land me in hot water, like when I need to try for myself to see if the shitzels will burn on level 8 heat of our new stove, even though the manual indicates that they will?

On the eve of Shavuot, it reminds me of how Bnei Yisrael accepted the Torah with the statement “נעשה ונשמע na'aseh ve'nishmah"—"We"will do and [then] we will hear (understand)”.

It appears that Hashem wants us to experience mitzvot, in order to understand them best. 

You don't have to get it perfectly planned out before you get it going.

  • Do you find yourself stuck in the research phase of a project?

  • Trying to figure out all the answers before you begin?

  • Feel like it needs to be perfectly planned out before you commence?

"Na'aseh ve'nishmah" tells us that sometimes the learning comes IN the doing. That by engaging, you arrive at way more insight than if you kept trying to learn by preparing .

Your Turn

  1. Where are you feeling stuck?

  2. Where do you feel you need more answers?

  3. How can doing something small, or just starting, or some kind of engaging, shed more light for you in this stuck place?

Comment below and let's help you get started!

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