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why it works

Getting stuff done with ADHD is hard!

Here's why: 

  • Difficulty prioritizing what to do

  • Difficulty planning when to do stuff

  • Difficulty getting started

  • Difficulty staying focused

  • Difficulty keeping track of time

  • Difficulty sticking with it until it's done 

ThriveADHDates help with

  • Prioritizing - because telling us what you want to work on prompts you to think about what the best use of your time would be. 

  • Planning - with a ThriveADHDate, your planning is done for you! 

  • Getting started - ThriveADHDates give you starting deadlines, and we all know that deadlines help ADHDers get stuff done. 

  • Staying focused -  Having a whole group of people all focusing at the same time, gives off an incredible, attention-enhancing energy.

  • Keeping track of time - With ThriveADHDates, you get time reminders at the 25, 10 and 5 minute marks.

  • Sticking with it until it's done - Not done after the 2 hour session? Sign up for another week, or make a 1:1 date with one of the other participants. There will be time at the end to connect with each other. 

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