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Want Some (E.F.) Pie?

If you are confused about the above image, that’s ok. Executive function is a confusing topic. I like to look at executive functions as the skills we need in order to execute our goals.

And by goals I mean both short term goals like what I need to do today, as well as long term goals, like what I want to be doing in a year. We need these skills to convert our intentions into actions.

How Does the Pie Fit Together?

The Grey Part

When we want to execute something, to get it done, we first have to go through the grey pies:

  1. Remember what it is we need to do.

  2. Weigh it up against conflicting priorities.

  3. Plan when we are going to do it. Also, if it’s a multi-step project, we need to break it down in to steps.

The Pink Part

Then we get to the pink pie…Starting in a timely manner as opposed to procrastinating.

The Green Part

Then the greens - we need to manage all sorts of things while we are doing the task:

  1. our time

  2. our attention

  3. our emotions

  4. our impulses

The Purple Part

Finally, the purple pies - To finish the task or project successfully, we have to:

1. stay focused throughout or pick up again for the next steps (follow through).

2.. We also have to balance our output with good input - balance productivity with recharging.

So what is Executive Dysfunction?

You can experience executive dysfunction from brain trauma, hormonal issues and even from depression.

And it is becoming clear that ADHD is not so much a deficit of attention, as it is a disorder in regulating one’s executive functions - a difficulty managing one’s self for goal-oriented behavior (intentions) .

Are you an ADHDult?

Do you struggle with some of these “pieces of pie” to the extent that your life is significantly impacted?

Now you can answer these questions for yourself, as well as make and take your next steps towards improved executive function.

I’m super excited to share with you my new kit:

Go ahead and work through the kit. And when you are done, come back here and comment on your action steps - I’ll hold you accountable - AKA lovingly nudge you towards taking those next steps!

Thinking about working through this together with an ADHD expert? Let's chat!

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