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5 Lies You Need To Stop Believing!

Have Some Compassion... on Yourself!

So here are some things you may believe about yourself that are simply not true!

1. You Are Not Lazy!

Your brain-based condition makes it hard for you to get started. You are not unmotivated. You struggle to get activated based on your motivations.

2. You Are Not Stupid!

You were taught in classrooms built for neurotypical brains. You may have avoided participating in class, for fear of saying something "dumb". Nowadays, you may still avoid commenting in contentious discussions like politics or world events. With your attention and working memory challenges, you may find them hard to follow. But you are not stupid.

3. You Are Not Undisciplined!

Consistency goes against your nature as someone with an interest-based nervous system. Your brain responds positively to novelty.

4. You Are Not Inconsiderate!

You have working memory deficits that can cause forgetfulness. That's not the same as being inconsiderate. You have brain-based time management struggles that can make you late. That's not the same as being inconsiderate.

5. You Are Not Selfish!

You don't have to say yes to every commitment. Women with ADHD are notorious people-pleasers, and with the best of intentions, they say yes before considering "when" and "how." It's ok to volunteer less of your time when you have not yet mastered how to manage it well.

If you can accept the above and you still want to feel better about yourself, procrastinate less, and function with more flow, let's chat!

Learn to work with your ADHD, then turn your personal systems into a natural part of your life. 

Comment below about how you have been or are going to be compassionate yo yourself.

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