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Think Rhythms, Not Routines

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Routines, habits, schedules...

What a catch 22! Schedules and routines, things we feel we need the most, are the hardest for us to create and maintain.

Also, even if we consciously crave the stability, our neuro-divergent brains rebel against the lack of spontaneity in schedules and the repetitiveness of routines.

All in all, setting up and sticking to routines are not two of our strong points!

If you too struggle with the idea of routines and schedules, read on!

Replace Routines with Rhythms

SIDE NOTE: This is not my idea. I heard it from author K.C. Davis, who has ADHD herself and wrote an incredibly helpful book titled, How to Clean House While Drowning.

What's the difference between a routine and a rhythm? Well, a rhythm has a pattern to it, some form of predictability and repetition, but it is not so tightly bound to time.

Here's an example of a schedule / routine:

7am: Wake up

7: 10 Get out of bed

7: 10 -7:20 Get dressed

7:20 -7:45 Eat breakfast …

Here's an example of a rhythm / pattern:

In the mornings, I first shower. Then I get dressed. Then I eat breakfast. Then I pack my bag...

See the difference? It's just a sequence of events. One thing prompts another and that alleviates some of the taxing executive functioning work for us.

To me it feels gentler and less imprisoning than a schedule.

What do YOU think? Hit reply with a rhythm / sequence / pattern you have or want to implement.

Here's wishing you a wonderful 2023 of mastering your mind and taking control, so that you can thrive with ADHD!

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