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The "When-to-Do" List

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

If you're one of those people who've already come to the realization that in this day and age of endless distractions, interruptions and just information; we can no longer rely on our heads, then congratulations! You've realized our brains are very unreliable hard-drives, especially when overloaded with stress or, I don't know... ADHD hyperactivity of thoughts?

So if you use a to-do list, you get all the gold stars!

However, it’s not always enough to have something on your to do-do list, especially if it has no hard deadline.

I’m talking about those IBNU’s (important but not urgent tasks) that keep getting shoved onto the back burner.

To get an IBNU done, you need to move it from your to-do list to your when to-do list, AKA your calendar.

Let me show you what I mean:

What is something important on your to-do list that just seems stuck there, that just seems to keep getting pushed off by life?

Got one? Great! Now try this:

Decide WHEN you intend to do it.

But wait! We’re not done here. Now you need to put it in your calendar!

That’s one of my best tips for getting important but not urgent stuff done:

Anchor it to a specific time.

And now how about sprinkling in some accountability too? After it’s in your calendar, comment below and tell me what you chose and when you’re going to do it. I’ll check back with you then!

That’s just one way for you to start taking control so that you can run your life rather than having it run you!

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