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stuff can be 2 things

I'm a little seasick from the squall of mixed emotions we have been going through this past week. And I keep thinking of something I learned from a family favorite show - 

"Stuff can be 2 Things."

Maybe Jake wasn't talking about emotions, but it helps me get my head around this emotional turmoil nonetheless. Here's what I mean:

  • You can feel frustrated at a family member at the same time that you are grateful for their safety.

  • You can rejoice at one outcome at the same time that you are shrouded in sorrow about a different aspect of the situation.

  • You can feel angry or disappointed at the same time that you acknowledge the many people who have it worse off than you.

Stuff can be lots of things at the same time. We can be thankful and furious and scared and proud and sickened and validated and a million other feelings. It's all valid. Thanks, 99!

That's all for today.

May you find strength to change what you can and consolation for all that we can't.

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