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phone phobia - you're not alone!

Wanna know the #1 thing my clients procrastinate?

Making Phone Calls.


  • It's hard enough paying attention face to face. Talking on the phone can be even more challenging.

  • Getting the words out right without being able to see the other's response is also tricky.

  • And we forget to return calls, or we put them off, and then fear that the other person may be angry when we finally do call. So we procrastinate even more.

Overcome Phone Call Phobia

  • Trouble focusing? Try pacing while you talk, or taking notes. Take yourself to a quiet corner, devoid of distractions if you need to.

  • Worried you won't know what to say? Jot down some notes beforehand. The good news is - if you're on the phone, the other person will never know you have a script!

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Take it one tiny step at a time.

    • Just find the number.

    • Just pick up your phone.

    • Just open the phone app...

Focusing on one small step at a time turns off our stress response that instinctively makes us want to flee or freeze, AKA procrastinate.

What phone call have you been avoiding? Comment below and let's get it over with!

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