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I Owe you an apology

I want to apologize. Looking back over the past few years, I realize I focused a lot on what you can do to change things, to improve your life.

But I forgot THE MOST IMPORTANT FIRST STEP: Accepting yourself- warts, forgetfulness, distraction and all!

We're all for change, progress, improvement. And that's ok, but first THIS:

Stop Trying to Fix Yourself

You are not broken. Growth begins with learning to BE yourself.

  • Even though you feel different and it seems so much easier for others to just "do the thing",

  • Even if you feel lazy and people joke about you being ditzy, scattered or messy,

  • Even when you're just so frustrated about the gap between your potential and present you...

There's something you need to know:

(Or you are someone who is undiagnosed but who can relate to the challenges I describe .)

The sooner we can accept that, the sooner we can view our challenges with curiosity and compassion. And that is a whole bunch better and more effective that viewing ourselves with judgement!

ADHDers are AWESOME at doing curiosity! Curiosity is fun. Curiosity in interesting. Curiosity breeds creativity and problem-solving.

Let's Do Some Defining Here:

PSA: Alliteration warning!

ADHD is not a disease. It's a difference, a diversity.

Sometimes, this difference can cause us some difficulties in a world modeled around a more common way of being.

And sometimes, these difficulties are enough to cause some dysfunction in our lives.

ADHD only becomes a disorder if your degree of functioning is below a certain level. It may not have always been this way. It may not be forever. But when you are adulting and then you throw in studies or a job, marriage, kids, and other commitments particular to your life-stage, the difficulties can feel too much.

That's why:

Where do you see yourself right now on this whole

  • diversity

  • difficulty

  • dysfunction

  • disorder


Now you might not want to change anything. Your ADHD may simply be your diverse way of being in the world. But if you do experience difficulties and you want to figure out how to function and feel better, it is possible!

I feel so strongly about this whole "acceptance first" piece of thriving with ADHD, that I'm rolling out a new program for you with acceptance as the foundation. It's been a looooong time in the works and I am so excited to get the first group up and running!

If you struggle with getting stuff done, and about how you go about it, this is for you:

The first group is for women (diagnosed or not) and there a maximum of 10 spots.

We're kicking off on Jan. 1st 2023! What a great place to start!

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