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From "What to Do?" to "Done" in 3 Simple Steps

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

We all want to know the secret to living a satisfied life. Well, one of the ways we feel fulfilled is when we attend to our priorities. But what is the secret for attending to our priorities? (Ok, not so much of a secret, but it's something that doesn't come naturally to ADHD brains.)

We think productivity is the end goal. But it's not really about getting more stuff done, it's about getting the right stuff done. That's how we live a purpose-driven and meaningful life.

Prioritizing 101

He makes it sound easy, Stephen Covey does. But his "key" (prioritizing) is a 3 part process:

  1. Know what to do.

  2. Know how to do it

  3. Know when to do it.

Step 1 - The WHAT

Step 1 is the ability to distinguish what is most important. Most of my clients don't have much trouble with this part. They know what they want from life. The trouble comes with acting on their priorities in the face of all the other things that get thrown in their faces on a day to day basis.

To complete the skill of "prioritizing" we need a plan to make sure we act on our priorities. Planning is step 2 - 3.

Step 2 - The HOW

Step 2 - Knowing how to do something. This is often best figured out by breaking things down into steps/stages.

Step 3 - The WHEN

Step 3 is where you get to make it all happen - assigning start and end dates to the stages you identified in step 2.

To move a to-do to DONE, we need to answer HOW and WHEN.

Now it's your turn!

What is one task, project or goal that is important in your life? Family relationships, health, personal development etc.

That's your "WHAT to do". Now answer your HOW and WHEN, and move it from your to-do list to done!

If your "WHAT to do" is something mundane, or not mentally stimulating; try the strategies in my N.I.C.E. Guide

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