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Blessing for May the 1st...

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

...Thing You Do Today Be What You Intend To Do

New month! What's say we try a new habit? I call it:

Pausing to Prioritize

See, here's the thing:

If we don't consciously decide how we are going to spend our time, someone else is

going to swoop in with their demands, or we are going to end up responding to

random circumstances that come up.

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound bossy over there! I know how hard it is for ADHD brains to resist those things that pop up unexpectedly. I also know that women with ADHD are notorious people pleasers, so it's even harder sometimes to say no to someone else's requests or demands.

That's why it's even more imperative that ADHDers pause to prioritize, as opposed to jumping into action as soon as their day begins.

Pausing to prioritize could be:

  • reviewing your to do list with your morning coffee.

  • Picking your top 3 priorities of the day before you begin, or

  • closing your work-day by updating your list for the next day.

Pausing to prioritize doesn't guarantee that you will actually get these priorities done that day, but it sure does give you more of a fighting chance!

Imagine having a clear roadmap of how you want your day to unfold. How would it feel to end your day knowing that you followed your plan? That's called living intentionally.

(For those of you gold-start students who already have this great prioritizing habit, the next step would be to pause when an unexpected thing pops up to ask yourself, "Is this really more important and urgent that what I prioritized?")

So that's my blessing for you today , (conveniently May the 1st)!

May the 1st thing you do everyday be something you intend.

As always, I love hearing from you. Comment below, and let me know what gets in your way of following your intentions?

Want support building this habit?

Download my 7 Steps to Building a Habit Guide and get building right away!

Going it alone not working out so well for you and your ADHD?

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