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Aren't we all a little ADHD these days? 🙄

The answer is NO!

Everyone is a little more distracted these days. But summing up ADHD as "difficulty concentrating" or "feeling scattered" is invalidating, dismissive, and minimizes your struggle with crippling symptoms like analysis paralysis, rejection sensitive dysphoria or

(SIDE NOTE: I've always said that ADHD does not have to be a disorder. For some, it is merely a different way of being in the world. For a lot of people, it can cause some difficulty. And when your struggles affect your daily functioning, you can suffer from a disorder.)

If you do experience challenges on a daily basis, it's not really helpful to have someone point out that they also experience distraction sometimes.

So yes, they may be having an ADHD moment, but you have and ADHD life!

Comment if you've had someone ask you this question. How does it make you feel? How do you respond?

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