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ADHD Be Like

Updated: May 1, 2022

Hi. My name is Alana and I’m a metaphor addict.”

Yup, I love me a good parable, analogy or symbol. Especially when it can help you understand yourself better.

The classic one is Ned Hallowell’s “Race car brain but with bicycle brakes.” You struggle to put a stop to racing thoughts and impulsive acts. The good news is that medication and other treatments help increase the quality of the brakes.

Another one of my favorites is “Having a browser with a million tabs open open and trying to attend to them all at once.” That one is often literal for me! (true story - screenshot above is from today!)

Or like trying to hold 100 marbles - everyone has to do it, but neurotypicals have a bag. Here’s a wonderful description of this one.

One of my clients said she felt like she was looking through the window of a locked car of “all the things”, but couldn’t get to them. Building strategies together was like finally getting the keys. I really loved that one.

Here are a few more from Jessica McCabe - ADHD vlogger extraordinaire!

What’s your ADHD Metaphor?

So go ahead and think about your own ADHD metaphor.

  1. It can help you understand yourself better and

  2. it can help you figure out how to help yourself.

I’d love to hear your metaphors. Comment below!

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