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7 lessons learned as an adhd coach

September is my birthday! My business' birthday, that is. It’s 7 years old this year. I’m celebrating by sharing with you 7 game-changing things I’ve learned along the way.

1. Results May Vary

Neurotypical productivity advice may not work for you. If the strategy doesn’t get the intended results - don’t change yourself, change your strategy!

Thriving with ADHD is not about trying harder. It’s about trying different.


2. Productivity is Not Worth

Your productivity does not determine your worth. I have met so many incredibly wonderful, amazingly tenacious, creative, courageous and sensitive people; who sometimes struggle to get out of bed.

You are worthy when you procrastinate, when you are asleep and even when you fail.


3. You Get to Choose!

"The bad new is that time flies. The good news is that you're the pilot!"

Michael Altshuler

You’ll never have enough time to do it all, but you can make time for the important things by simplifying, delegating or letting go of less important things.


4. Baby Steps Work!

Breaking things down is the cure to almost all inaction. It’s how you make the impossible doable. You can do almost anything if each individual step is small enough.


5. Be Nice!

To yourself, that is. You don’t have to shame yourself into doing a better job. Progress can also come from curiosity and compassion. You don't have to motivate yourself with judgment and negative self-talk.


6. Normal is Overrated

You can't cure ADHD. You can support your weaknesses enough to prevent dysfunction. But you don’t have to be perfectly organized to deserve to do what lights you up.

Thriving with ADHD does NOT mean mastering looking normal.


7. Embrace Failure

Failing means you’ve tried, that you’ve courageously dared to be great. Failure is not the opposite of success, it is a step in the success-process. What’s more, failure provides you with valuable feedback – what worked, what didn’t? What did you learn and what can you tweak?

Failing means you’ve begun on the path towards triumph!


I want to also take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful new year if you're celebrating Rosh Hashana (and even if you're not!).

Continuing with the theme of 7, here are my 7 blessings I wish for you this coming year:

  1. Peace of Mind

  2. Flow

  3. Energy

  4. Balance

  5. Hope

  6. Fulfillment &

  7. Loving Self-Acceptance

Shana tova!

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