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Happy YOU Year!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023


Self-care is not selfish!

Thank you for taking a few minutes for yourself! I'll make it quick. Time is short, I know.

On the eve of our new year, I would like to ask you to re-frame your thoughts about never putting yourself first.

Ask yourself this:

When are you more focused on yourself?

When you're exhausted, hungry, stretched thin and worn out ? Or when you are calm and relaxed ?

When can you give more love and attention to your family and others?

When you deny yourself what you know you need, or when you take yourself off the back burner to recharge your batteries? Let's drop the shame around the word "self-care". It's not selfish. It's self-love. And like charity begins at home, love for others begins with love for ourselves. Let's make our 5779 new year's resolution to do one thing each day for ourselves. Because we deserve it. Because our families deserve our full attention. And because the whole world deserves to have us at our best.

Wishing you all a shana tova umetuka!



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