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Spring Musings - Finding the Guru Within

As far back as I can remember, I’ve sought out someone to follow, someone to guide me through this messy journey called life. I credit all my past camp counselors, youth movement leaders, rabbis and rebbetzin, homeopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, therapists, weight watchers leaders, chiropractors, aroma therapists and reflexologists for professionally helping me get to where I am today. I know there are more people who have inspired me, so I’m talking about you too. And as a side, by “guru” here, I mean “influential expert practitioner and mentor”.

For the first time in my life however, I now feel like I want to attempt to be my own guru. Along with the above-mentioned people, there is something else that I need to credit my mid-life insight to. It has been the coaching process, as I experienced both as a client being coached and as a coach in training; that has given me the glasses I've needed to see my life. With this fresh new improved vision, I can see more clearly what I want and need and I am actually enjoying the process (most of the time!) of figuring out how to get it.

One of the very first fundamentals of coaching that we learned was that people possess a large repertoire of personal resources that can be utilized for problem-solving, goal attainment and achieving fulfillment. I’m finally getting my head around the coaching profession as facilitating one to become their own guru. A good coach (and I’m basing this on the fabulous experience I had with my first life coach) gives no answers, but asks the right questions. A good coach holds up a mirror to your life, so that you can discover the answers yourself.

Now that’s not to say that there isn’t great value in the work of the above-mentioned therapists. But when the time is right, there is something very empowering in taking the role of being the influential expert mentor of your own life. Because no-one is more of an expert on this topic than you.

So here’s the critical point of this reflective and rather elusive blog post: For now, I’m on a break from all the wonderful people who I have employed to enrich my life. I think I’ll be my own guru for a while. When I feel I need answers, I’ll go back to my list of therapists. When I feel like I need inspiration, hand-holding, accountability, or a kind and caring kick in the butt; I’ll go back to my coach. But for now, I'm going to proceed by accessing the guru within.

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