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The 6-Week Program for Getting Stuff Done &
feeling good about it!

Learn how to work with your ADHD to get more done.

In this group course, you’ll learn how to overcome everyday indecision and overwhelm, and get the support you need to actually implement a new way of getting stuff done, in real time, in your life, right now. 

Confused ADHD

Does This Sound Familiar?

You’re smart, you’re capable, you juggle a lot. 

But you only get a burst of energy to do something at the very last minute. You get distracted by other stuff that grabs your attention. And sometimes, you feel so overwhelmed, you can’t figure out how to prioritize All The Things - so you wind up doing none of them.
And you’re so frustrated.

Meanwhile, other people - even people with ADHD - make it look easy, and you’re wondering what the secret is. 


What if you could ditch the shame, embrace your brain, and take control?

Welcome to the ADHD tribe!


It's so darn hard for you to do things that seem so simple for others.

You've been called lazy, messy, ditzy, scattered. 

You feel different and sometimes ashamed. 


So you mask your difficulties, or you avoid doing that thing, or you procrastinate, again and again. It's all so draining.

ADHD Woman Pointing

What if you could learn to accept yourself more, to function better

and to procrastinate less? 

​What if you could try out ADHD-friendly tools in a safe and non-judgmental space with other women who get you? An online space - so you don't even need to get out of pajamas - where your experience is understood and validated. Where you get to feel heard. 

Here's what I know: You are not your ADHD. 

You have ADHD.

You also have incredible strengths and passionate values. 
You are a whole, worthy, and exceptional woman who has ADHD.


And the good news is: you don't have to get it ALL done. 


You can stop devoting so much energy to feeling like you have to get everything done - and focus your energy on those truly important things that enrich your life, propel you forward, and express your values. 


Because that's the stuff that makes you feel good. 


And you deserve to feel good!

ADHD Woman Feeling Good
About pg pic_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Alana.

​I’m an ADHD/Executive Function coach for adults with ADHD - diagnosed or not. Because research shows that most adults with ADHD don’t even know they have it. It can show up as low self esteem, underachievement, marital conflict, anxiety, or depression.


I work together with my clients to build a personalized system to get the right stuff done, and then to practice those strategies until they become a natural part of your life.

On the ADHD coaching journey, my clients discover how they can master their minds so that they can feel good and live well with ADHD.


The Get Stuff Done
(& Feel Good About It)
Group Coaching Program

Join my group coaching program for women with ADHD, and


  • learn to distinguish between important and urgent


  • learn how to get important things off the back burner and into the DONE pile


  • build skills to overcome overwhelm and avoidance


  • practice implementing ADHD-friendly tips and tools


  • be welcomed with - and learn to treat yourself with - compassion and without judgment


  • enjoy group accountability and support


  • master your mind, take control, and begin to thrive with ADHD 

Calm ADHD Woman

Master the skills you need to become calmer and more in control-

and to get the stuff done!

Module 2

From Back Burner -> Done

Module 1

From Urgent To Important

Module 4

From Impossible To Achievable

Module 2

From Back Burner To Done

Module 5

From Curiosity to Change

Module 3

From Overwhelm to Flow

Module 6

From Chaos To Calm

How Does It Work?

From Curiosity -> Change

From Chaos -> Calm

This 6-week program will change how you get stuff done - forever. 

Weekly Live Zoom Calls

  • A 90 min. Zoom class that covers the strategy of the week,  reviews tasks to practice at home, and sets you up for success for the coming week.


  • In addition to strategy, the calls offer you a safe and encouraging online space for feedback and support as you implement what you’re learning.  


Group Chat Forum 

  • Between-session group support, sharing, encouragement, brainstorming, and celebration. 


Weekly Group Check-In Thread

You get to review the week with your people - the good, the bad, what you’re learning, and what next!

Change how you get stuff done - forever!

Your Investment
NIS 1200 / USD 325
Payment plan of 4 equal payments at no extra cost.


What People Say

feel good about it pg 3.png

I felt supported and cheered on by a group of others who could relate to me and my struggles.

Happy ADHD Woman

How much energy and dedication do you invest in getting support for your children with ADHD or other challenges?

Wouldn't it be great to have someone give YOU that same support?


Give yourself this gift, and go from frazzled and frustrated to productive, in control, and calm.

Schedule a chat and find out if this program is a good fit for you.

I look forward to meeting you!

Ready to sign up? 

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