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the Time Management

Get crystal-clear steps to feeling organized, calmer and more in control of how you use your time.

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You have no idea where the time goes! You’re behind in everything and spend all your “free” time catching up. You're desperately juggling all the balls and find yourself watching helplessly as life keeps getting in the way of moving forward.

And sometimes, you feel so overwhelmed, you can’t figure out how to prioritize All The Things - so you wind up doing none of them.

You procrastinate again and again, until the last minute when you get it done by the skin of your teeth. 

And its all so exhausting.

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  • have so much to do and don't know where to start.

  • avoid and procrastinate.

  • misjudge how long things take.

  • ​get easily distracted.

  • struggle to see things through when you hit an obstacle.

  • all of the above!

a time management upgrade is perfect for you if you: 

What if you could function better and procrastinate less?

What if you had clear and doable steps to follow to get more done? Become more effective at managing your time, your tasks and that precious resource - your energy


The Time Management upgrade

In this 60-min. online strategy session, we will:

  1. Pinpoint your biggest time-related challenges in an non-judgmental and validating way.  

  2. Co-create a step by step plan for implementing a more effective way of getting stuff done.

  3. Build in approaches that work with your ADHD to feel more hopeful, equipped and confident about managing your time.

what would it feel like to

  • know what you are doing when?

  • get things done quicker, easier and earlier?

  • have a toolbox of ADHD-friendly techniques to solve your most common hurdles?

Module 2

From Back Burner -> Done

  1. You book a 60 -min slot with me here.

  2. We meet on Zoom. 

  3. We conduct an evaluation that will reveal what tweaks or changes would have the biggest impact on how you spend your time.

  4. We co-create a step by step plan of practical and impactful modifications that will change how you do things and feel about yourself. 

  5. BONUS: 5 days of WhatsApp or Email support and accountability from me as you implement your tailor-made plan for productivity!*

* Office hours 8:00-19:00 IST

From Chaos -> Calm

Your Investment
ILS 468 / USD 130

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Tired of being tired? Of time slipping through your fingers like sand?


 Stop trying harder and start trying "different"!

Book now and go from frazzled & frustrated

to productive, 

in control & calm!

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