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Ready to revive, refresh and rejuvenate once a month? * 

booster sessions

*For past clients who have completed 4 or more months of weekly 1:1 coaching.


We did it!

  • We created a compelling future vision for you.

  • We pinpointed your top executive functioning challenges.

  • We identified your top strengths and values.

  • We experimented with strategies - we assessed, refined and captured the most effective ones.

  • We built systems and habits to bring more ease and flow to your daily functioning. 

  • We reflected and celebrated your progress.

  • You walked away with a personal blueprint for future success.

but that was then and this is now!

  • "Life" piles up, overshadowing your future hopes and dreams. 

  • You lose touch with your strengths and what really matters to you. 

  • You forget to use those effective strategies that help you to live well with ADHD. 

  • Your good habits slowly start falling by the wayside. 

 And that personal blueprint for success? What was that again???

It's not you!

It's ADHD!!!

ADHD is a chronic condition, not something that can be cured. You are not broken and you don't need to be fixed. But living well with ADHD is a life-long endeavor that occasionally may require some adjusting and refocusing.  


how it works

NIS 526 / $ 150  per individual session of 60 min. 


Subscribe & save 10%!

for NIS 473 / $ 133  per month and get:​​

  • 1 x 60 minute Zoom session to brainstorm, strategize and troubleshoot, so that you can keep moving forward.


  • Weekly check-ins through Whatsapp / Email*, providing you with accountability, inspiration and non-judgmental support as you assess and refine what brings you the most function and flow.


*Office Hours 8am-8pm


* Once you subscribe, I will send you a booking link.

*Special offer until end of 2023!

Sign up at my old 2022 pricing (NIS 1755 for a set of 4 X 50 min. sessions, to be used within 4 months of purchase) for any sets that you purchase before January 2024. You can buy up to 3 sets using this discount, as long as they are purchased before the end of this year. I also offer credit card payment in installments (tashlumim) for multiple sets of 4.

Using the data we already have on what works for YOU, let's get you back on track, to mastering your mind, taking control and thriving with ADHD!

Questions? Let's chat on Whatsapp.

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