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It's not you. It's ADHD

How to Slay Your Shame-Dragon

  • Forgot to send school lunches?

  • Arrived late to people waiting for you?

  • Can't find the floor in your living room?

  • Don't know how to get the help your kid needs?

It's one thing to feel guilty for how your ADHD symptoms affect others. Guilt means feeling bad about what you DID.

Shame, on the other hand, feel a lot worse. Shame means feeling bad about who you ARE.

You Are Not Your ADHD!

Whatever you are struggling with right now, I'm willing to bet you feel ashamed of something. The shame dragon plagues many of us with ADHD. Slaying this dragon starts with realizing that:

You are so much more than your ADHD.

You are not ADHD. You have ADHD. You also have incredible strengths, values and passions. You have achievements to be proud of. You have challenges that make you fall short.

You are not failing at normal. You do life differently and by the way, you were never meant to be normal. That's exactly what makes you magnificent!

The Shame Antidote

Shame feels THE WORST. I know. But the good news is, there is a secret weapon. And funnily enough, this weapon is the act of connecting with another person who feels ashamed for similar reasons.

Ever met another ADHD person who just gets you? You know, when you don't have to say anything and they just know. That feeling of them knowing you, that's your weapon right there.

Even one or two friends like that does the job. But imagine belonging to a whole group of ADHDers just like you, where you get to feel heard, understood, accepted and validated for your experiences?

That's called a tribe and together you and your tribe get to slay the shame dragon, over and over again.

Know anyone that just gets you? Comment to share your experience.

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