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How to keep your oil burning (or how to get your dopamine in)

This Chanukah, festival of light, you may feel like you need a miracle to keep your own light burning.

This Chanukah, festival of light, you may feel like you need a miracle to keep your own light burning.

You could be more concerned about the safety of loved ones. Unstable and difficult times could make all the light in the world seem dimmer.

Perhaps you expend so much energy trying to keep it together, you have no fuel left to devote to areas where you truly shine.

Maybe you believe that only once you are more organized, you can go out and do what lights you up.

Have you ever felt like you have earn the right to do what lights you up, with productivity?

Dopamine - The "Feel Like It" Chemical

Well, you don't! When you have ADHD, you struggle to keep your dopamine levels regulated. Dopamine not only makes you feel good, it is also the "motivation chemical" because it makes you "feel like [doing] it".

You know what does raise dopamine in a stable way?

Things that light you up -

  • using your strengths

  • honoring values you deeply believe in

  • engaging in activities you are passionate about

  • doing new and interesting things

  • connecting with other humans

  • expressing your creativity

  • moving your body

  • being outside in nice weather

  • laughing

  • And many other activities - depends on your personal preferences.

Healthy Fuel and Less Healthy Fuel

Yes, I know it's easier to choose quicker, less effortful dopamine-raising activities like interacting on social media, playing Candy Crush or eating a sugary snack. Believe me, I've been stuck there too. (And that's ok. As long as you are aware that these are to be consumed sparingly and you put "fences" in place to limit them if necessary.)

That's why I made you something so that you can have these feel-good pursuits at your fingertips.

Write your own personal Dopamenu -

Get my guide for personal ways to bring more light into your life.

And if you're too overwhelmed or depleted to figure out what lights you up or how to get more of that light, just know that you don't have to go it alone...

Learn more about my signature coaching approach here - and if it sounds like a good fit for you, book a complimentary breakthrough coaching call with me.

What lights you up? Comment below.

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