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frazzled & frustrated with 
calm & in control 

For Jewish neurodivergent men and women who are ready to be empowered with practical tools and habits for functioning and feeling Be'Seder !


In six months, learn to work with your ADHD / AuDHD,

so that you can finally feel good, believe in yourself and gain the confidence to share your G-d-given gems with the world!

[build that easier, happier and more organized life that you've always wanted!]


living with jdhd is hard!

I know because I've been there too. 

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  • Carrying the motherload and juggling the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual and needs of your relatively large family.

  • Preparing for Shabbat and holidays. At least you are consistent with one thing -  that 18-Minute-Panic-Syndrome, despite that fact that Shabbat comes every week!

  • Trying to balance communal or volunteer commitments with an already-overloaded schedule.

I know you’ve already tried harder -

  • You've bought that shiny new planner.

  • You've attempted building those healthy habits.

  • You've tried following advice from well-meaning friends and family. 

And a whole lot more that just didn’t pan out and you’re not sure why.

You've wasted time, money and energy on trying to fix your ADHD … and now you’re embarrassed that you’re even looking at another possible solution, when you know you’ll just give up again.


You are so frustrated, disheartened and shamefaced/contrite/guilt-ridden. [ashamed/guilty]

But I am here to help you try differently instead of harder. 

Even with…

  • your constant state of stress and exhaustion that leaves you flat out of drive and motivation.

  • days full of overwhelm and indecision, with way too much to do and way to little time to do it in.

  • your perfectionist tendencies or negative self-talk that force you to  avoid "The Thing" , delaying it again and again or flat-out freezing.

  • your terrible memory and the attention span of a goldfish!

let's dream together . . .

What if everything was be'seder - in order?

Your priorities, your time management, your thoughts?

And what if it were be'seder  - okay - to let go of certain commitments and activities that  eat away at your time, but don't truly serve your higher goals? 


Wouldn't it be great if you had tools to help you focus, be present and intentional with how you spend your time?


How about if action could feel easier?

If following-through could turn your ideas into reality?

So that you could live in flow, forward movement, progress  and growth?

Wouldn't it be great if you had tools to help you focus, be present and intentional with how you spend your time?


How about if action could feel easier?

If following-through could turn your ideas into reality?

So that you could live in flow, forward movement, progress  and growth?

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the jDHD
signature coaching program


It’s not just a coaching program. It's also a an opportunity to create your own personal life-long user-manual for living well with ADHD.  


You see, I have this theory about Jewish women with ADHD (JDHDers™️). It goes like this:


You’ve been handed the wrong “user manual.” You know, the instruction primer of “shoulds” that we learn to believe about how to be in the world:

If it's important, you’ll remember it!

Be consistent!  

Suck it up and just DO it!

Just use a planner!

 Doing dishes is not rocket science!

But that guide was designed for neurotypical brains.

That’s why others make it look so easy, and you’re left wondering what the secret is.

That’s why you often feel lazy, messy, scattered, ditzy and less than.

But what if you were given the wrong user manual?


You know, like if you’re trying to figure out how to get the printer to work, but you downloaded the instructions from the wrong model!


What if you could work with your ADHD instead of fighting against it? 


What if you could succeed, not despite your ADHD, but by rewriting and following the operating manual for your neurodivergent brain?

Yes you can! 


And I firmly believe that this is what it means to thrive with ADHD.


 Give yourself that permission to stop trying harder, and start getting curious about trying differently.

As your coach, it’s my job to make sure that your stunning, inquisitive and creative neurodivergent spirit is brought to life and continuously fed!

So let's do this!


And after about six months, you'll be feeling and functioning so much better, so that you can continue building an easier, happier and more organized life with ADHD on your own!  

Journey together with me!

Good things take time
but with ADHD coaching, you can change your life, forever!

Here's our roadmap:

and here's what's included


with Step 1

2 in-depth, double Foundation Sessions for: ​

  • A compelling vision of your desired future


  • Your personal ADHD profile evaluation

  • Your inner- resources profile  -  strengths, traits, skills and values - because you are so much more than your ADHD! ​


  • An agenda of coaching goals, to boost motivation, productivity and all-round quality of life. 


with Step 2

  • 5 months of Zoom coaching 

  • Between-session communication, inspiration & support

  • A private portal for:

    • ​tracking progress

    • taking action​

    • staying organized &

    • bringing our sessions to life.​​


with Step 3

  • 2 in-depth, double Closing Sessions 

  • A toolbox of your most successful strategies

  • An assessment and celebration of your progress to cement in positive change.

  • Your Personal Blueprint Plan for continuing to thrive with ADHD!

my clients' journeys

I came to Alana feeling anxious, overwhelmed and avoiding my priorities for easier tasks. I was always juggling but not seeing results. I felt frustrated and out of control. 


With Alana, I focused on

  • overcoming procrastination

  • time management and

  • managing my emotions and impulses.


 I am now taking care of priorities without getting anxious, or ignoring them in favor of easier things. I feel more in control of my to do list. I am taking care of myself more. 




Alana here, 

Can I be honest with you? 


Ten years ago, with undiagnosed ADHD myself and way too much on my plate, I was heading down a road to serious burnout.

I originally certified as an ADHD coach to add to my professional toolkit. But, what I learned there significantly improved my own functioning. 

So I went all in and focused on coaching other overstretched neurodivergent men and women to overcome everyday indecision and overwhelm and to get their stuff done!

And now, with almost ten years of ADHD coaching under my belt, I want the same for you.

That’s why I created my signature coaching program. I looked at the commonalities among my most successful clients. And I made sure to address all the fundamentals of how to consistently get the right stuff done, so that you can live well with ADHD long term.  


Let’s do this, fellow JDHD™️er!







You do these very often: 

  • leave everything to the last minute​

  • despair because there is so much to do and everything feels equally important

  • overschedule your day and disappoint yourself at the end of it

  • follow a chain of distraction until you land up somewhere else completely

  • react too impusively or overthink things so much that you don't take any action 

  • get excited about an idea but then your enthusiasm soon fizzles out. 

 You desire the status quo to change.   


You are committed to actively participate and curiously experiment with new approaches, until you find what works best for you

You may know what helps you or other ADHDers overcome their obstacles, but you have trouble implementing these intentions.


You may have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, OCD, ASD or other disorders along with or prior to getting diagnosed with



*If you are unsure if coaching is suitable, talk to your mental health provider and let's chat - it'll give you more clarity.





You do these very often: 

  • get things done calmly and with plenty of time to spare

  • are clear on your priorities and on what you can let go of

  • plan your day well and are able to stick to your plan

  • stay focused on one thing before you begin something else

  • carefully consider possible consequences before you act, and then act accordingly. 

  • Consistently work towards your long-term goals. 




Someone else (a partner, spouse or parent) tells you that you should change.

You are looking for quick fixes, immediate results and solutions provided by your coach.



​You know what you need and you are perfectly able to meet these needs without support and accountability. ​


You are currently experiencing acute and crippling mental health issues* that need to take priority over coaching, such as: 

  • severe untreated depression

  • pervasive crippling anxiety disorders

  • active substance abuse disorders or personality disorders that have yet to be treated with recovery/therapy programs. 


what my clients say

  • What's included in the program?
    Here's the breakdown again of my 6-month signature program to thriving with ADHD: And here's a "roadmap clip" if you like videos:
  • Can I do this in less than 6 months?
    Lasting change takes time, and I know how frustrating that is to your ADHD brain! But Here's the Truth: It takes more than a couple of weeks to consistently and confidently do things differently! You'll feel hopeful and relieved and excited learnining how to make ADHD work for you. And after about some time, when the novelty wears off and you have to push through a little to get to the point where consistency feels natural, you may feel like giving up on yourself (again!). I want you to know that this is normal. And I will be there to support you through it when your belief in yourself falters. I will stand for your transformation. Because I believe in you, even when your belief falls short. Why 6 months? In my over 7 years of coaching, my most successful clients are the ones who consistently worked with me for around 6 months, because that's how long it takes to truly cement in lasting change. This isn't a random number: it's based on experience and data, and I designed this program to support you in your new habits, for long-term permanent change.
  • What are your fees?
    Fees are $500 / NIS 1800 per month, for 6 months.* The shekel amount includes VAT for Israeli clients. This USD amount is for clients not residing in Israel. *Payment plans available .
  • Can we communicate between sessions?
    Yes - this is an intrinsic part of the program! The most important part of the coaching happens between sessions, when you bring it to your real life. This between-session communication is essential and woven into the program. We can communicate daily if you like - via our coaching portal, or Whatsapp * if you prefer. *Whatsapp office hours - 8am-8pm

your investment

NIS 1800 / $515  per month for 6 months.

Payment Plans?

more client love


Before we began, I struggled with routine and the minor daily activities that seemed effortless to others. I needed help following through with projects and felt stuck without the ability to make changes.

Our work together focused on planning, prioritizing and time management.

I now know how to plan my day. I have strategies for the mundane stuff. I have systems to manage my home and  children.

I feel more accomplished at the end of my day. I know what energizes me and how to combat negative feelings.

I have an understanding of how ADHD affects everything, giving me a more realistic and positive view of my performance.

Ready to go from frazzled and frustrated to calm and functioning with flow?

Schedule a chat and find out if this program is a good fit for you.

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