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What if, instead of trying to fix yourself,
you simply

get to be yourself?

You can't  just "do the thing".

You feel lazy, crazy, stupid.

People joke about how ditzy, scattered, messy you are.

And that gap between your potential and present reality...

It's humiliating. It's disheartening. It's maddeningly frustrating.
But there's something you need to know...

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You Are Not Your ADHD!

You have ADHD. You also have incredible strengths and passionate values. You are a whole, worthy and exceptional person who has ADHD.

What if you could accept yourself more? 

What if you had a safe and non-judgmental space to be with others who  get you? 


What if you were heard  and your experience was understood and validated

What if you could drop the mask and be yourself?  

Stop devoting so much energy to struggling and start using more of your resources for reveling in your strengths and honoring your values. Because that's the stuff that makes you feel good

And you deserve to feel good! 


I'm Alana.

I’m an ADHD/Executive Function coach for adults with ADHD - diagnosed or not – because adult ADHD is not just about difficulty focusing. In fact, research shows that around 75 % of adults with ADHD do not know they have it, causing

  • underachievement,

  • low self esteem,

  • marital conflict

  • anxiety or depression to name just a few symptoms.  


Together we build personalized systems and strategies for consistently getting the right stuff done and then practice those strategies until they become internalized skills.

On the ADHD coaching journey, my clients discover how they can master their minds and take control, so that they can feel good and live well with ADHD.

And now you can too!


thriving with adhd

 The prequel

Take the Essential first Step for Feeling Good & Living Well with ADHD. 


In one hour, for free, and together, we will...

  1. Discover the single key to an easier, happier life.

  2. Understand the role that ADHD plays in your life.

  3. Shift your mindset so you can take control thrive with ADHD.  

Wed.  Feb 1st , 2023!
 8-9pm IST, on Zoom

What People Say

"Alana is a great coach. She has that perfect combination of structure and flexibility; of softness but also no messing about. She’s a brilliant listener and knows how to validate everything you are feeling before coming in with a solution, which is so important, because even though we want fixes we also want to know that it’s not us that are broken. I gained so much from my sessions with Alana - new systems and ways to function, to issues that have been bugging me & holding me back for years and a general feeling of being more in control of my life (and permission to go easy on myself when control isn’t always possible"

Sarah R.

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Ready to take that step?

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